Luann Taylor is the Executive Director of DJK Enterprises, Inc. Luann came to DJK in 1994, and originally ran the vocational program. She has been senior administrative staff at DJK since 1994. 

Financial Arrangements

If determined by the team that the individual needs assistance managing their money, DJK will act as Representative Payee with the Social Security Administration, if requested to do so. DJK will apply for SNAP, utility assistance, and other assistance when available. The expenses of the home are shared equally among all individuals who reside there.

DJK is family owned and operated. 

Services Include: 
Daily Living Support
In-Home Support
Habilitation Training Specialist
​​Supported Living
Vocational Training

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Disabilities Served

Over the past twenty-two years, DJK has served individuals with a wide array of disabilities including: intellectually disabled from mild to profound, challenging behaviors, blind or visually impaired, deaf or hearing impaired, Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome, medically frail including individuals in wheel chairs to ceiling track track systems,  Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy/seizure disorder, Down Syndrome, and severe physical disabilities from Peg Tube to adult briefs.

Types of Housing

The staff of DJK screen homes available to be rented to ascertain they meet the needs of the individuals, are in a safe neighborhood, are affordable, and have been maintained to the quality that is expected for anyone residing in the community.  The individual, his/her guardian, and case manager then approve the home.  All individuals residing in the home, and/or their guardian, sign the lease. All individuals residing in the home equally share the cost of renting the home.

Jean Kilgore Hayes is the Owner/CEO of DJK Enterprises, Inc. She founded the company in 1991 with her late husband David Kilgore. Prior to founding DJK, she was involved in establishing group homes and sheltered workshops in eastern Oklahoma. During this time, she participated in many transitions of individuals into the community.

DJK was incorporated in 1991, initially to provide residential and vocational services to individuals transitioning from the Hissom Memorial Center in Sand Springs. In the years since, DJK has expanded, and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities across southern Oklahoma have continued to choose DJK as their provider.  DJK currently serves individuals in Pontotoc, Pottawatomie, Garvin, Hughes, Pittsburgh, and Carter counties, ranging in age from 13 to 85.

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Vocational Services

As part of a continuing goal for independent living, DJK provides a wide array of vocational services, including community placements in competitive employment, volunteering in the community, and other vocational activities.